Although LQE will not be taking place this year due to the national lockdown, LQE organisation is nonetheless partnering with other organisations to deliver live online talks during the last odd nights of Ramadan.

Please join us on each of the odd nights at 10pm for a 30 min talk by:

- simply clicking on the link below (no registration required):

Or via Facebook:

Odd nights: Wed 13th May, Fri 15, Sun 17, Tue 19, and Thur 21 May.

Like previous years, we will continue building a water well on behalf of our audience and supporters to help the poor and needy. To take part,


Alhamdulilah we have built our third LQE well with the generous donations from our attendees at our annual event. This well provides many families in the local area with clean and safe water to drink.

lqe 2014 well 1

lqe 2014 well 2

Alhamdulillah, the generous donations from the attendees at LQE 2012 allowed us to build a well in Pakistan for the most needy. Please take a few moments to read the full PDF report which includes more pictures.

We would like to thank Ummah Welfare Trust for completing this project on our behalf and for providing such a detailed report.

We will Insha’allah raise money for another well at LQE 2014 so be prepared to take part in this Sadqa-jaria.

LQE 2012 - Well Plaque