About Us

About Us

The Laylatul Qadr Event Organisation was initially set up specifically to facilitate an annual event (LQE) to help Muslims make most of the blessed nights of Ramadan.

The first event was organised by Oumar Ahmed in the year 2000. It was from this event that many of the current organisers of LQE first met and started to newly practice Islam. When Oumar Ahmed moved to the Middle East in 2001, the LQE did not take place for a few years. However in 2004 the brothers that first met in 2000 decided to take the initiative and continue on with what was left by our beloved brother Oumar.

Since 2004, by the Grace of Allah, LQE has been taking place every year. It has evolved in to being a well known community event gaining support not only from the community but also from various Scholars and Institutes. As the years went by the popularity of LQE grew, so too the demands of its audience. The average number of attendees to the event grew from approximately 30 people per night to now 400 per night, with the 27th night being in the region of 500-600 people (reaching maximum capacity for the venue).


The Objectives for the Annual Laylatul Qadr Event (LQE)

In central London there are not many mosques that are open during the last odd nights of Ramadan. Those that are open are often only open for the 27th night and offering only Tahajjud prayers. During the last odd nights of Ramadan the majority of the Muslims want to spend the nights in the mosque worshiping Allah. As such the mosques are usually filled with Muslims.

The Annual LQE’s main purpose is to provide the Muslims with a well-organised and structured event that will ensure that we make the most of the nights of Laylatul Qadr. We hope to do this through incorporating the various elements of worship within the event, such as Islamic Lectures, Q&A Session, Qur’an recitation and Tahajjud prayers. In doing this we hope to avoid the negativity that exists in some mosques during these nights, which is usually due to the absence of an organised programme being in place.

It is also a perfect opportunity to educate the general Muslims with sound Islamic knowledge, who otherwise do not usually seek Islamic knowledge. In summation, the purposes for the Annual Laylatul Qadr Event are:

  • To create an atmosphere whereby the Muslims can worship Allah in a constructive manner, making the most of laylatul qadr.
  • To educate the general Muslims with Islamic knowledge who otherwise do not usually attend Islamic study circles
  • To make the general Muslims more interested in seeking knowledge and keep practicing after Ramadan
  • To get more Muslims involved in Islamic activities after Ramadan